Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trip of a lifetime!

Alan and Wendy's Boat "Blue Fin" (with blue sail cover) and Joe's Boat "Whisper"

A float plane ride to Roche Harbor in the San Juans and then cruising around the Gulf Islands for a week... It was absolutely incredible. I went with Dolly and we sailed on Wendy and Alans Catalina along with Joe Grande. We visited the town of Ganges, saw a play in Chemainus, anchored in coves throughout the islands, had fun in the dingy's, ate fresh caught crab several nights, and saw the most spectacular sunsets.

Dolly and Natalie getting ready to take off in a float plane!

Alan and Wendy out in the dingy

Joe catching crab for dinner

Out exploring in the dingy
One of the most spectacular sunsets

Monday, August 20, 2007

Kite Festival at the Ocean

There is almost nothing that compares to the spectacular kite festival in Long Beach every August. This year I spent most of the week with friends at the cottage. Ben, Paul, Catherine, Stephanie and Pam all came for the weekend.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Flowers make me Smile

I love flowers. I have a garden full of flowers that will bloom all spring and fall next year. Thanks to Rob Brodie, who created my garden, I can now be surrounded by color as I sit in the sun with the view of the lake.

The Orange Line

I live in a small house on a narrow lot with a breathtaking view of Lake Washington. It is a royal fixer and I have done everything from put in foundation walls to toilets...
A few years ago I had a yard put in the back ... leveled it out and planted grass... ugh.. I am sick of mowing.. so this year I am done and put in landscaping. My neighbors have been so strict about where they think the property line is for the past 4 years... to the point of running string from front to back of the lawn and mowing along that line.

When I put in the landscaping they decided that there is a different line.. They pulled out spray paint and a tape measure and drew a florescent orange line up the driveway (we share) and it curves to give them more backyard. It is ridiculous because property boundaries are not based on the walls of a house.

I asked them to get a real survey if they want.... take the risk that the line will "curve" making their lawn smaller! I asked them to leave me alone for 60 days.. so we'll see what happens in September. I just don't get why people get like that.. I think they are having marital problems... They still owe me money from the catch basin in the driveway from the rain storms in December 06.

Well, they did get a survey... and of course, as I predicted, the property line falls more on what they have been using as "their" property. They had to remove a cement pond and move their fire pit in the backyard.

The orange line is still their, though it is not the property line. They have agreed to pay me back the money that they owe me for the catch basin from the 06 storms. Maybe, now, they will stop bothering me... What is it with neighbors that just want to bother ya?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Blue Angels weekend raft ups

Kyler at the helm going through the Montlake Cut.

Friday and Saturday I took the Rophy out to Lake Washington to watch the Blue Angels.
You have never seen soooooooooooo many boats heading through the ship canal and the Montlake Cut at the same time. It made me feel really blessed because the Rophy is so grand compared to the thousands of water ski boats and smaller cabin cruisers.
Both days I had about 10 crew. We saw the air show and then headed back to the arboretum for a raft up. The weather was perfect both days. I don't know why there is always an available buoy there just to the east of the montlake bridge.
Sam met us at the arboretum. Kyler and I picked her up in my dingy (Thanks Lee for the Livingston dingy!) and she also spent the day on board.

Sam and Natalie getting lots of sun!
Nat and Kyler in the dingy in the Arboretum.

Paul and Jane... thanks to Jane for downloading her photos right to my computer!!

Paul and Marsha
Natalie and Kyler on the Rophy.

Gary.... the "Lucky Dog" at the raft up with his new boat!
Dena and Kyler.

Blue Angels

This photo of the Blue Angels was taken from the boat. We were just north of the I90 bridge as close as we could get.

This is an amazing video that my daughter took of the Blue Angels yesterday from the Rophy!
If you want to link to it, the URL is .

Friday, August 3, 2007

Rophy in the Arboretum Wednesday

Swimming off the Rophy in the Arboretum!
Here is the Rophy hugged by Friendly Dolphin on the left.... Ron's last hurrah on his boat... as it has been replaced by a new boat... and.. Spirit Walker is on the right... Diana's boat.

Seaview Picnic at Nan and Bretts

Nan speaking at the picnic this weekend.

Cape Disappointment

We weren't disappointed at the spectacular view of the ocean from the Lewis and Clark visitor center in Long Beach! Here I am with a shot of the light house lit up in the background.
Stephanie and Kathleen are taking in the view.