Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Eclipse on a clear evening

It was quiet. Steadily, slowly the shadow of the earth passed over the full moon on a clear evening. I have never been so fascinated by an eclipse before. It seemed almost personal as I watched. And I tried to imagine how many people in town.... in the country... in the world ... that might be watching the same phenomenon.
Diana and Stephanie came down to the boat in Ballard and the eclipse was almost reflected in the calm water of the canal. We watched the eclipse for over an hour as it appeared just over the Ballard bridge.
Stephanie grew up in the same neighborhood as I did in the Chicago Suburbs in Hubbard Woods (an area of Winnetka) Tonight we compared memories, tried to see if we had friends in common, and imagined the times we could have crossed paths during our childhood there.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Barbeque on the Deck

Dave Lord has been a greaqt friend for so long.  He has stayed at the house.  Our kids have never met so we invited them all over for a barbeque.  Colin brought Maggie, who was a good friend.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Week in Cabo goes by too quickly

The first day I walked on the beach, drank pina colada's, laid in the sun, danced at the bar, shopped for trinkets, took photos, read my book, ate nachos, checked my email, and swam in the pool. Then, every day I did just about the same thing! Diana has a time share and this was my second trip south of the border with her during the middle of Seattle's cloudy rainy winter. Diana, Pam and I met Becky, who was off to Cabo for a long weekend. We met on our first evening and she has since become such a great friend!