Saturday, March 22, 2008

Viaduct Tour

The viaduct was closed for repairs and investigation. Becky and I went down there for the tour and to have the opportunity to take photos.

There are two posts of the viaduct on the east side that are sinking. The engineers explained what is being done to arrest the sinking. The Viaduct is build on fill. YOu can see in this shot of the crack at the Columbia street entrance the stop sign below. This is result of the sinking columns. the viaduct will not last much longer. I felt like I was standing in an old abandoned building that might crumble around me. As a souvenir we could all grab a piece of the viaduct... a piece of the concrete.

Here is Becky taking photos. She has quite an eye!

Komo 4 news interviewed me. I was asked what I thought should be done with the viaduct.... "tear it down!" I said I felt safe if we had an earthquake because of the information I learned from the engineers earlier. But, after being on the viaduct and learning about the structure... I would never want to be on it in an earthquake. It was quite a long interview... but they edited me out on the story on Komo! Bummers... It was amazing how little footage they used on the actual news report.

Having a sense of humor leads to happiness!

Today, I read The Happiness Project blog as I do most days of the week. I find some of the posts fascinating, click on fun and interesting links, and try to figure out why I am so happy. Very seldom does she write about having a sense of humor.
She talks about when she came home the other day to her older daughter crying and her younger one locked in the bathroom with dad and the locksmith trying to get the door open. She had to remember to be calm and "do something" so she went and got her something to drink and her muppet movie for when the door was opened.
Yes, staying calm is great... acting calm will help you become calmer. But, HELLO... afterwards look at the humor in the situation. I laughed out loud. It could have been a scene in a sitcom.
When our kids are small they push those scarry buttons of ours that make us worry about their safety. But, they also remind us about some of the small things in life that are worth laughing about.
I try to laugh every single day. Seriously! Life is so short and I feel soooooooooooooooo good when I laugh. I feel happier.
What makes me laugh? Humorous emails, stupid things I do (like dropping my toothbrush in the garbage can and then debating whether to use it again), Jon Stewart on the Daily show, books, the stupid drivers on the road, remembering my kids and things they said, my Yahoo personal ad and the letters I get... to name a few things!
Laugh today... find things around you or right up here on the screen that will make you laugh!
Laugh Out Loud

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bellevue Botanical Garden

Spring is here! It is making an appearance in my gardent, but nothing compares to a sculptured garden like the Belleve Botanical Garden. You have to look very closely to find the small flowers making an appearance.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Cruise on the lake

Today, I took 7 friends on a cruise. We were going to head through the locks to Port Madison... but the small lock was closed and the large lock was empty.. I knew we'd have a good hour wait on both ends of the trip. So instead I took everyone on a cruise around lake Union and Portage bay. It was a bit windy and chilly so that we all stayed in the cabin to keep warm!

Port Madison Raft Up

Last sunday March 9th, I took the ROPHY to Port Madison along with a half dozen other boats from the yacht club. The weather cooperated giving us warm light winds. I had so much fun!

Pike Place Market

Last week I went to the Roman artifacts exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. It was the first time in the enlarged remodeled art museum. Almost a half dozen Ford Taurus cars hung from the ceiling filled with blinking mini streams of lights shooting out of the windows and doors above the ticket sales booth. It was a bit odd. The Roman Sculptures were heart stopping in many cases. Its hard to imagine artists carving marble so delicately thousands of years ago.

Then I walked through Pike Place market. It is a treasured place for seattle, yet most of us that life here only visit with friends that come as tourists. I so enjoyed my stroll through the market and the fish markets luring customers with great deals and flying fish.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

CourtShip Comedy March 15th in Bellevue

They say that public speaking is the worlds greatest fear... it beats death... As Jerry Seinfeld used to say... "Most people would rather be in the coffin than giving the eulogy!" On Saturday March 15th I am not only going to get up in front of a crowd... but I am going to attempt to make everyone laugh.... that is not easy...

Today I read that you can buy a ticket to heaven from a Seattle company for only $12.95. That was such exciting news... I'm surprised that the ticket isn't more expensive!

The ticket to our Courtship Comedy show is $30.00 including dinner, comedy, and dancing! There are a limited number of tickets... so email me ASAP if you can attend this great event.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Diana's Birthday

This is Diana on her birthday at Azteca! We just started calling and for the second year in a row filled the restaurant with friends on a cold wet day in February.