Sunday, April 27, 2008

My protein bar and a Twinkie share ingredients!

I am reading the book "Twinkie Deconstucted." What are the ingredients in a Twinkie and where do they come from? It's not like I really thought about it before. But, it only took a few minutes to flip through the book at the store to convince me I HAD to read it. I pride myself on reading labels at the grocery store.... but honestly, I don't know what most of the ingredients are! The author takes the ingredients in Twinkies and from Flour to Soy to B vitamins and in a very interesting way covers the history, manufacture and how the ingredients are used in other foods we eat.
After reading this I want to stop eating any processed food at all. I can't imagine the kitchen where they create the recipes using ingredients we don't have access to. But, on the other hand I have learned how important the addition of vitamins has saved lives. Also, I had no idea before how a kernel of corn can be used in so many related products and how every single molecue is used in some way.

Celebrating neighbors 90th Birthday

Today the neighbors got together and celebrated Waldtraut's 90th birthday. She has lived in the house next door for over 35 years. Waldtraut is a sparky, adorable, sensitive, caring, interesting woman who doesn't miss a beat! I hope that I am like her when I hit 90 years old!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Touring downtown

After a year of training, I am a volunteer for the Seattle Architectural Foundation. It is amazing how often we are downtown and we don't look at the buildings, the architecural details and the design. Last week I followed along with one of the tours that concluded with the opportunity to go into the historic Smith Tower. There is a plan to renovate about 13 floors in the upper tower into condominiums. The view from there was spectacular.
Make sure you take the time to come on one of the Seattle skyscraper tours I lead for the SAF!
Pioneer Square holds so much Seattle history. This photo captures the old brick buildings with the new skyscrapers in the background.

Surprise gift

It is never too late to remember someone with a gift. I met Chris at the singles yacht club years ago. Shortly thereafter he was called away to Iraq. He was the first person person I knew that lived over there. We wrote emails regularly and I used to send him a few things. The other day the postman delivered this huge box to my door.. Life jackets! And the timing was perfect as I really need more that crew can wear on my boat! I didn't have my boat when I met Chris.. so I hope someday he'll come back to Seattle and go cruising with me. He is in Hawaii. Thanks Chris!

Easter at home

I look forward to Easter brunch. Thankfully, we had a sunny clear day. I love french toast, bacon, sausage and fresh fruit. This year the kids makde breakfast. When they were young we used to have an easter egg hunt in the bakyard. I'd get these big plastic eggs and put toys, change and stickers in them. When I asked Kyler about having an easter egg hunt this year (in jest) she told me, "Mom, I'm not ten anymore!"
Josh, Kylers boyfriend, joined us.