Friday, August 29, 2008

Whales, Bears, Eagles and Salmon in Alaska

Alaska is more beautiful than I imagined it! I just went on a one week cruise from Vancouver Canada to Seward Alaska. Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Haines, and finally Seward were the ports of callI went with Aunt Florence and her son (my first cousin) Keith on the cruise. We were met in Seward by Doug his brother and we all stayed in Alaska for 5 days on the Kenai Peninsula.
At each port we took an excursion away from the dock. We went Whale Watching, walked through a rainforest and saw bears, and took a jet boat on the river through an Eagle Preserve.
One of the last days the ship went within less than a mile from the edge of the Hubbard Glacier... It was like a titanic moment without the ship going down.. Ice everwhere.. and the glacier was cracking and thundering... it was an icy blue color that you see nowhere else..

I did a short comedy routine on the ship in the lounge. The last 90 seconds of it is on video on YouTube... search NatalieLaughing.

That was one of the most memorable trips! It was special also because I have never really travelled with family and it was so great to be even closer to my late mom's sister!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Virginia V Cruise Aug 08

The Virginia V is a steamship over 100 feet long piloted by Captain Dale. He invited those of us from Seattle Singles Yacht club to go onboard for a two hour cruise!

Blue angels August 08

It was a day on the lake with an all woman crew! Kyler, Devi, Pam and Brittany (kyler's friend)

Duck Dodge on Lake Union

I went out on a cruise on Tuesday night with some of Colin's friends... It was so beautiful. I am always in awe at all the sailboats racing on the lake and the sight of the spinnakers and the sunset.

Friday, August 15, 2008

At the Ocean with Devi in August

Devi and I spent the weekend at the cottage in Long Beach.

Cheri and Charlie invited us to an art show opening at the Riverwalk Gallery in Astoria. I jump at any opportunity for a chance to see local artists along with free wine! Then, a yummy dinner.

Cannon Beach is just spectacular because of that huge rock shaped like a haystack.. duh.. the name "haystack rock!" The town itself seemed rather quiet but when we walked through the dunes to the beach we were shocked at the huge numbers of people all over the beach. Many couples get married with sand between their toes there in Cannon Beach. Sitting on a large driftwood log we watched as one couple exchanged vows with the backdrop of the ocean. It was very romantic and picturesque.