Thursday, November 27, 2008

Visiting Ashland Oregon

My dear friends, Ahna and Peter, moved to Ashland, Oregon last year. I have always wanted to visit the land of Shakespeare Theatre. Though, the classic festival was over, art and theatre abounds in this cute town. They live walking distance to shopping and parks. It was so fun going to a play at the local college, going for a walk to the park, and shopping in town.

Oregon with Mankus Family

Luanne, Roger, Emily, Judy, Ruby, Natalie

Luanne taking photos

Judy, Ruby and Emily at the Falls



I was so excited to be able to spend the day with Roger and his family! They were in Oregon for Thanksgiving to visit Judy's family. We spent the entire day along the Columbia River and Multnomah Falls. Ruby and Emily are growing up so fast. I wish I could see them more often. Someday I hope their family comes to visit my family here in Washington State. Maybe someday I will get to take them on the Rophy... I'm sure sometimes they miss it. Luanne is Judy's sister.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

McMenamins Edgefield is my Favorite Inn

Whenever I get the chance I try to stay at McMenamins in Troutdale, Oregon... just outside of Portland.  It is the most interesting hotel I have ever experienced.  Whether I am just in awe at all the art on the walls, relaxing in the huge outdoor soaking pool, taking advantage of the spa, watching a movie with a beer in the Pub, or having a yummy meal... there is always something to do....even if I am alone. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mini Buildings bearing Huge Results

This is a photo of Model of the Gates Foundation proposed complex/campus in the South Lake Union area of Seattle. I was at the Model Exhibit reception the other night for the Seattle Architectural Foundation in Rainier Tower. Though I suppose I guessed that models were made.. and I have seen some in movies, I didn't know that it was a huge business. It was fascinating to see how they were built, the different materials, the different scales, the detail or lack thereof and the complexity of each of them. As I entered, I met Alec Vassiliadis of SOUNDMODELS who built about 4 of the models including the Gates Foundation model. It was so exciting to have a tour of much of the exhibit with a few friends from Alec.

My daughter, Kyler, graduates in just about a month from college and has a dream of working for the Gates Foundation someday because of the difference they make in the world.

I lead walking tours in Downtown Seattle with the Seattle Architectural Association and there is always room for you! If you are interested in volunteering as a tour guide.. join me Thurs night at a reception!  Roberta and Sydney run the Architecture Foundation.  they are amazing getting so many volunteers and supporters to make the programs happen.  Chris came to the event with me.  Diana and Louis also came.. Diana has been volunteering.

Roberta, the tour director
Sydney, the administrator/ director of the foundation
Chris, my friend who came to the event

Diana and Louis ... Diana has been a volunteer at SAF