Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Boat Show... The Boat Show...The Big Seattle Boat Show!

Over 20 years ago I went to the Seattle Boat show with my parents who were in town. One of my Mom's best friends had died in a car accident. (eerie... Mom died that way also!) I remember when we went to the show at the old King Dome, my dad was creeped out because we had picked up Louise's ashes and they were in the trunk of the car to give to her husband Dr. Jones that evening. Since the year was 1988, I believe my Dad must have purchased the Rophy IV there. Now it is back where it was made in the Northwest. I had it shipped out here on a truck in October 2005.
I try to go to the annual Seattle Boat show when I can. It includes the inside show at Quest Field along with a floating show on Lake Union. When you look at the photos, remember that this is January in Seattle! We go boating all year long! This year, because of the economy, it was much smaller and with much less energy. I always run into friends, which makes me feel like part of the Seattle community of boaters! Diana (along with some other friends) was working at the show on Lake Union.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Commodore's Ball

Here I am with Maureen at the Seattle Singles Yacht Club Commodore's Ball. It was a formal event that is held annually for the installation of the new officers and honoring the past Bridge.
Maureen had been gone for about 6 months to Indiana where she spends half her time. I was thrilled to see her and catch up with her adventures and trips over the holidays.


What a spectacular scene.. the survivors of the US Airways flight that crashed in the Hudson River. The photo, from the NY times, shows the passengers on the wing. It will change the lives of all of them in a variety of ways.
I found that this one survivor's story interesting. I hope I don't follow her on a train or as a passenger in a car!
"Ms. Bruce, 48, said she had survived disasters before, including the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, where she worked then. “I must have nine lives,” she said. “I was vacationing in Honolulu and had to be evacuated for a tsunami. I was skiing in Denver and had an avalanche. I flew into the eye of a hurricane. I was at the big L.A. earthquake.”

In my life I have experienced over half a dozen earthquakes here in the Pacific Northwest and one in Mexico in 1979, I think. I was a "hero" that survived a boating accident and helped save two other several years ago in Puget Sound in 48 degree water. I have been in two car accidents including one that totaled my car. As a kid we had two tornadoes pass through our yard at different times taking out huge old trees. When I was 16 or so I slipped on a banana peel and dislocated my elbow and knee.. ok.. that was just a fall but had much worse injuries than the earthquakes.

I know I wrestle with alot of fears in my life, but it is not wise to fear natural disasters that come without warnings. And there are accidents that happen that are not predicable or preventable. What I have learned is that it is best to keep my cool in the face of some accident. Most of those stories of survivors in the US Airways crash said that people kept their cool.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art Museum exhibit on Edward Hopper's women includes ten paintings from the 1920's. This "chop suey" painting is one of the more famous of the exhibit. It shows two working women out to lunch in New York City. Though having lunch with a girlfriend in the city is so commonplace today, in those days when my grandmother was probably this age living near Chicago, women did not typically go out to eat at restaurants alone or with girlfriends.
I saw the exhibit last month, but returned on Sunday with Janet & John. We also saw the exhibit on the Salish Native Americans on its last day.... but I am more taken by the color, history, and feeling of Hoppers paintings. I wish there were more than 10 on display. The Seattle Art Museum, which I am a member of, would probably fit in one room of the Chicago Art Institute or the Louvre.. but I am thankful we have the small exhibits that we do. Last summer there was a collection of impressionists that are my favorite.. and I'll never forget the Bill Gates show of the Leonardo DaVinci's writings on Art and Science.. the Codex.. several years ago.
"Chop Suey"... isn't it interesting how you know that is the name by the small part of the sign showing? My dad loved Chop Suey when we would go out for Chinese Dinner sometimes as a family... I can't remember the last time I ordered that....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Colin Sells thousands of Tickets to Seattle University Basketball game

Seattle University Mens Basketball in front of their largest crowd of fans in their only game in the Key Arena on New Years Day beat Loyola. Colin, as the Director of Ticket Sales brought 4835 fans into the Arena! I was in the stands.. (in fantastic seats!) with a dozen of my friends.. What an awesome day!

Let It Snow!!!... and then let it melt... but much sooner than it did!

We had a "white Christmas!" More than just making history with snow on Christmas, we had snow for days ... weeks. This town is not prepared for that kind of weather. This is a photo of my house with snow... taken when I was shoveling one day. We had more snow that afternoon!