Friday, February 20, 2009

Small world but we find each other without looking

Today at Montezuma's Castle in the high desert about 30 minutes from Sedona I ran into Bill. There he was walking along the sidewalk! He does live near Phoenix half the year like a snow bird. But, he spends the rest of the year in Seattle. He is such a dear because with his extensive background in radar with the military, he is determined to get my radar working. He did get it fixed with the help of Raymarine in New Hampshire. When he returns from AZ he'll hook it back up.
In my life I have run into many people in the most unlikely places.. a toastmaster friend in Mexico, my doctors wife in Canada, my neighbors best friend in Italy(when I was 16). It always amazes me. When I go to my "hometown" where I grew up I always hope to run into someone from my past, but after 30 years I have yet to do that!