Friday, March 13, 2009

Mini Seattle Tour with Kyler and Maggie

This is a view of the Smith Tower from the Observation deck surrounding the Chinese Room.

Maggie, Kyler and I had lunch together and were asked to deliver some brochures to the Smith Tower on a nice day in March. The manager gave us a tour of the Chinese room. This ornately carved thrown has magic powers. Evidently, you will be married within a year of sitting in it. Hmm.. we'll have to see!

In 1979 and 1980 I used to go there with my Mom. We'd meet her best friend, Louise, who lived in Bremerton and would come across the ferry. There used to be a grand piano.

Since I have been giving tours for the Seattle Architectural Foundation I have learned so much about the buildings in the city. So, when I have a view over the city, I can often point to buildings I have had on the tours.

This is the view of the top of the Seattle City Hall building with the interesting detail above the city council chambers. Behind the building stands the Seattle Justice Center. The buildings are tied together by a stream that flows under the street and through the City Hall where it ends in a fountain area where summer concerts are held.

This is a view looking to the north of the Smith Tower. Front and center stands the Wells Fargo building. At the time I never predicted that Colin would be working on one of the top floors for This is the Columbia Center. This tower is the tallest building in Seattle and because of the development of the city, will most likely always be the tallest.