Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day at the Arboretum

A holiday weekend with blazing sun and no rain.... that is hard to imagine in Seattle.. but this year we were so fortunate! We took the Rophy on a lake cruise and then tied up in the Arboretum. Colin brought about a half dozen friends. Kyler came with a friend, also. Maureen, Devi and I spent time with Maureen's neighbors Bill and Bob. I love taking the Dingy out into the Arboretum. Today, there were soooooo many yellow Iris'.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bob's Retirement

Bob Brodie is as close as family. And, in turn, his family has made Kyler, Colin and I feel like we are related. I have never really experienced that feeling to this extent. We spend holidays with them and know that if we ever need anything.... even just a shoulder, Bob or his family will be there for us.

For the past year Bob has been counting down to his retirement which occurred this month. No longer is he tied to work which he was so loyal to for so many years. His sailboat, his house in the desert and his friends all over are waiting for him!

Here we celebrate him at the retirement party.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Had some "Northern Exposure" in Roslyn WA

Maureen and I took a driving trip over Cascade Mountains through Snoqualmie Pass to a small town called Roslyn. It was the location for the TV show Northern Exposure which was popular about 10 years ago. The show was supposed to be in a town called Cicely, Alaska. They filmed on location and in warehouses in Redmond, WA (I think).
The drive over the pass was spectacular. There is still snow on the mountains, of course.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Loyalty Day at the Beach

Randy and Margaret my neighbors across the street in Long Beach!

Mary, the "Kite Lady" is my next door neighbor. She is active with the Kite festival every year. She taught Kyler how to Crochet one summer.

The Long Beach peninsula celebrates "Loyalty Day" annually at the beginning of May to bless the fishing fleet. The parade with about 150 entries from all over Washington State and Oregon include marching bands, floats, princesses, clowns, horses, kids, classic cars, farm equipment, firetrucks and locals politicians. This year the sky opened up with sun shining and warm weather. Kathleen and I spent the weekend at the cottage especially to see this parade.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Have you been on

In March 2009 Natalie did comedy at Noble Court Restaurant/bar in Bellevue. Here is a short clip.. "How many of you have tried"