Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Cousin Lee comes to Visit!

Lee Daly Adams is one of my favorite first cousins. Though we live over 3000 miles apart, I really feel a connection with her. She has been out here several times to visit and when I'm with her it seems no time has passed. We are the same age. Our Mom's were sisters.

Her daughter, Page, was staying in Seattle for a summer away from college in California. The three of us spent a few days together as they were together for the wedding of one of Lee's good friends.

My good friend, Sam, is a docent who volunteers on the Virginia V an historic steamship on Lake Union. I was invited to join her with Lee and Page for a short cruise on the lake.

The Seattle skyline taken from the north end of Lake Union.
The famous "Sleepless in Seattle" houseboat on the west side of Lake Union. It was featured in the movie and even a decade later tourists want to cruise by to take a look.

The houseboat with the orange trim is the home of one of my friends. It is just to the south of the "Sleepless in Seattle" houseboat.

There were a few dozen of my other friends along. We could have taken my boat out, but the chance to go for a cruise on the historic steamship with my friends was too good to pass up!

We spent another day on a drive out to Snoqualmie Falls. After catching the view from the top we hiked along the river to take in the view from below. The Falls are breathtaking especially from below. There are no waterfalls in the midwest where I grew up so I get quite a kick out of the sound of the rushing river, the feel of the rising cool mist and the view of the falls.