Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend at the Coast

Gull Cottage in Long Beach is such a place of peace and joy. It is picture perfect (except the leaking gutters, some rotting shakes and front railing, a deck out back that needs to be re-built, and too many weeds!) For the past 12+ years this place has been my retreat that I have shared with as many friends as possible!

You just can't capture the smell of the pine needles under your feet or the salty breeze on your lips with a camera when driving along the Oregon coast! Even on an overcast afternoon ... a grey day... in the late fall... the views of the coast are spectacular.

The Cape Mears Lighthouse, about 10 miles from Tillamook, is so majestic as it sits on the cliff. Surprisingly, it is a short stout building and as you approach on the pathway down the hill the top of the lighthouse is almost within arms reach! I made it there just at sunset where the sky was painted with colors of blue and rose.

Colin came down on Thanksgiving and stayed for a few days and we drove down to Cannon Beach for lunch, cleaned gutters on the cottage, watched videos and had great dinners!!

Cheri and I went on the Peninsula Art Association Studio Tour. It was fantastic to meet artists, hear about their process of creation, and see their homes and studios!