Friday, January 15, 2010

Pam's Birthday at Pasta Freska

Here is Pam getting a big hug from he owner! We had so much fun laughing and eating all evening at Pasta Freska on Westlake!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Conservatory is Victorian Greenhouse in the City

In the winter, the Conservatory at Volunteer Park is warm and full of colorful blooms. From spiney cactus to delicate orchids to century old green plants, the old greenhouse is just a joy to stroll through. These are just a few of my photos.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The New Mayor says First Words to the City

The Mayor speaking in the city hall lobby.
The new Mayor surrounded by followers after his talk.

Jane and Natalie waiting upstairs with our unobstructed birds eye view.

Mayor Mike McGinn greeted the city of Seattle with his inaugural speech at a city hall open house. Several hundred people meandered around the building, swayed to the music that echoed throughout, visited the booths set up by the different city services from parks to police, and took a tour of the Mayor's digs.

It's always inspiring to be at a political event especially when it is focused on change and the outlook for the future. We all want change though we fight it constantly. We all want better services but don't have the money to pay for them. We all want problems solved from crime to literacy but don't have all the answers. But, it's inspiring to listen to a new leader openly pronounce his or her proposed changes for the better. I don't know how many of us would get in front of a microphone and list our new years resolutions to a crowd... especially ones that we cannot keep without lining up a whole lot of other people on the same train.

We were introduced to the curator for the city art in the "historical conference room" next to the Mayor's office. What makes it "historical" is that it has this bookshelf full of books on Seattle's history. Impressive, at first, but I think that it should be double the size. And, THE book published in the last year by the Seattle Architectural Foundation of walking tours of Seattle should be on this bookshelf. I wonder how I can help make that happen this year?

I had the opportunity to shake Mike McGinn's hand and was just as memorable as the dozens of people before and after me.

I love the sound of seagulls in the downtown of a city. It means it is located on a large body of water. Seattle has that song of the seagull all year long. Note, two of them in this photo of Mount Rainier from the Mayor's office.
The view from his office and conference room is spectacular, as it should be for the leader of our city. The clouds whirrled over Mt Rainier and the sun was setting over Puget Sound as we left.

What is Art?

This is "art." A couple of trimmed 2X4's tied with bungee cords on the floor of the deck behind a gallery. I didn't check out the sale price or the description. At the time it didn't seem to interest me but as I look at the photo I am so curious.

I am always looking for the answer to the question, "What is Art?" I want to be an artist. I'd like to think that I have "talent." I love to just do stuff with everything from my photos, paintbrushes, calligraphy pens, sewing, writing, and crafts of all sort. I can go to a thrift store and be amazed at what I might think as artistic is considered "cheap."
The artist talking about the costumes he creates with yarn made to fit himself and inspired by super hero's.

Then I can go to a very chic fine art gallery and see knitted costumes that look like footie pj's as "art." What fascinates me the most is the passion that artists put toward their work. The artist I went to hear with Jane this weekend knitted these footsie pj's and was inspired by superheros. He spoke for over an hour on his inspiration, how the colors have meaning and why he chose not to have them stuffed or on a manikin. How absolutely incredible that this is fine art and has a price tag in the thousands. It's not that I think he is not an artist... I just wonder how he was propelled to the status of fine art.
Here is a reflection of Jane and I taking photos outside on the deck of a gallery in Pioneer Square.

Seattle has an ordinance that requires 1% of a budget for public facilities to go towards "art." This same day I had the opportunity to tour the city hall as the new Mayor opened his office to the public. Art was everywhere. In almost every cubicle, on the wall in every hallway, in every office. I was impressed. (I wonder how much money we'd be able to give to the homeless or foodbanks if for one year that 1% went in that direction... hmmm)

I have little ceramic frame on my desk that reads, "Someday, I am going to create a masterpiece." My mother's art adorns every wall of my home so maybe someday my art or photos will be in the homes of my children and they will think of me as an "artist."

Friday, January 8, 2010

Second Friday Belltown Art Walk


Jane, Natalie and Karen at the Seattle Hostel...

Belltown galleries are pretty quiet in mid winter but we had fun chatting with everyone that had open doors and art.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Thursday Pioneer Square Art Walk

This is a photo of an artists palette.

It was chilly and rainy but the art studios and galleries were warm. With a few munchies and a little wine to sip we wandered around Pioneer Square. There are so many galleries and new art every month I now see why people mark the date monthly. I joined Jane and Karen and friends and then had dinner afterwards.