Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ahoy there Captain Natalie!

Lynn's yacht, Derring-Do and Natalie's yacht, Rophy at the dock for the Captain Crunch/Capt Morgans party on Sunday May 23rd celebrating our completion of the Coast Guard Captains Training.

Lynn and Natalie getting ready for our Captains Licensing Celebration! The Class was practicing knot tying with our help!
Carol, Judy, Jerry, Vonne, Natalie

Jane and her daughter and friend
Doug and Natalie

Carol and Judy

EK, Jerry, Jane, Pam, Lynn

David, Lynn, Jerry, Vonne. Natalie


Lynn and EK

David and Mike

Pam, Lynn, Catherine, Karen

Karen, Jane, Pam, Janes daughter

Capt Dale, Lynn

Andy and his girlfriend
Natalie, Mike, Doug, Catherine

Vonne and Natalie