Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Last Leg of the Cruise

Dolly piloted the Rophy for almost the entire trip from Anacortes to Seattle.  She has such a calm demeanor and just knows how to take that boat through the sea!  I was so amazed!   It was exciting to have made the journey and had that fabulous vacation in the islands.  A bit sad to have it end.  Made me wish for another vacation like that again!

Ahoy, Jim, passing by the Channel Marker

On August 1st cruising up to Friday harbor, my boat broke down right there at the Channel marker on Camano Island.  I called Jim McCarthy, who towed us to port back then, that I was passing the spot that I was at anchor all day waiting for him to come tow me.  He said.. "Keep going, babe.. just keep going!"

Leaving on the Journey heading to Anacortes

It was time to head home after a month on the island.  Dolly Leber and Bryan Wilhelm came up to Friday Harbor to join me on the cruise home.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dolly arrives to Cruise Home

It was so exciting to greet Dolly Leber as she arrived to take the boat home with me.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Music on the Organ at Rosiario Resort

Doug Thompson came back with his boat.  Bryan and a friend of Dougs came up and we all went on Dougs boat to Rosario Resort to listen to Christopher Peacock play on the organ.  We toured around the resort and had just a lovely day!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hiking around the coast at Lime Kiln Lighthouse

Another beautiful day so I went back to the lighthouse because I wanted to go hike down to the beach and have lunch.

Friday Harbor Marina was just so beautiful

My home for the month was the marina. I loved the views from every angle and the collection of boats from kayaks to fishing boats, to tall ships, to huge yachts to the Washington State Ferry!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

English Camp and Hiking Young Hill

Another absolutely beautiful day called for getting out and exploring.  The Pig War on San Juan Island is quite a legend.  I did go visit the English Camp but didn't find that much of interest. 

I hiked up to the top of Young Hill.  Oh, the view was so breathtaking!  I was alone.  Just me hiking up and wandering around taking photos. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Roche Harbor Masoleum and Sculpture Garden

Ii was such a perfect summer day for a hike.  I took the bus up to Roche Harbor and hiked up to the Mausoleum.  It was built for a family and the number of columns, seats at the table and probably other details all had significance and meaning.  Hidden away in the woods above the marina, this is a bit of a gem.

I walked over by the airport to the sculpture garden to wander and take photos.  I especially liked the mirror mounted on an easel.  The reflection of the hillside was like a painting itself.  In the photos it is hard to tell that it is just a reflection. 

 The variety of sculpture and the settings makes this one of the most lovely sculpture parks. I wonder what the  models thought when they saw the finished sculptures?