Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Trip to the Islands to Teach Classes

The San Juan Islands are like the jewels of Puget Sound.  There are supposedly over 100 islands... but the ferry only travels to a few.  What I really appreciate about my job is the ability to teach real estate classes almost anywhere in the state.  I get to see different communities, meet agents and learn how they conduct business, and i get to learn about other real estate markets.

The real estate agents there are so appreciative when I make the trip.  I spent one day on Orcas Island.  That night I spent at Outlook Inn and my room had a view.  I taught a smaller class in a nice view room overlooking the water.  I had to keep reminding myself that there are a number of agents in front of me and not get mesmerized by the view.  At one point I saw something in the water out of the corner of my eye and I had to stop myself from running over to the window.

The next day I had a class in Friday Harbor.  I stayed at the guest house of an agent who generously offered when she saw my posting on Facebook that I was coming to teach.  In addition, the agents got the word out and a group of us went out to a couple places for happy hour and dinner overlooking the marina.  That class was much larger held in the fire station.

I hope that I made a good enough impression that I get invited to come teach again!

The signs for the Garden Art Fair pulled me so I stopped in Anacortes early on Saturday morning as I headed home.  The old cliche... "It's a small world" rang true when I ran into Bob Brodie and his two grandkids.  It was a fun little reunion.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What happens in Las Vegas gets posted online!

The lights, noises, music blaring, scented air, ringing in casinos, bigger than life outside movie screens, wedding chapels, Elvis impersonators, dancing waters... and all the people... Yes... Las Vegas!  It was my first trip.

Susan Shreck invited me to stay with her in her time share condo just off the strip.  She raised her kids there and worked with her ex husband in their medical practice.  I got to see Vegas from the eyes of a tourist and also from a resident.  I met Susan's family including her new grandaughter. We celebrated Easter with everyone in the time share condo and added time by the pool to the delicious brunch!

 I have seen pics of Vegas and it has been the backdrop of many television shows... but nothing compares to being there.  Strolling down the walkway along the Venetian Canals, having lunch in the Eiffel Tower, and looking up at the skyline of New York City made it feel like an adult Disneyland.

There is a Statue of Liberty, a monorail and a Typewriter Eraser sculpture by Oldenburg.. and some good looking ducks... just like we have in Seattle.  Hmmm.. did I feel at home?

I put money in slot machines.

I was in awe at LaReve, the Cirque de Soleil show.

I laughed watching Rita Rudner play the audience.
I was captivated by the Phantom of the Opera.

It was a magical trip!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walking Tour for Real Estate Agents

John Dealy with Coldwell Banker scheduled this walking tour Greatest Hits with a group of agents from his office.  I turned in the tour to the Real Estate Department of Licensing so that it is clockhours for real estate continuing education! 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daffodill Festival at Tacoma Yacht Club

I joined the Seattle Singles Yacht Club with their group for the Daffodill Festival at the Tacoma Yacht Club.  I drove down with Sam and we spent the night on different boats.  I stayed on Lynn Jacobson's boat along with a few other friends.  The club, all in red hats and blue shirts were going with a Jacque Cousteau theme.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

She Will Sail Around the World

Phyllis Macay had a smile that would light up a room.  She had a fun energy and a good outlook on life.  I appreciated her creative talents and saw them most in her costumes and decorations at the Seattle Singles yacht Club for most of the last decade. She left years ago to sail around the world with Bob Riggle, who I also knew at the club.  His methodical approach to things and her carefree whimsical attitude made for quite a mix!
Phyllis and Natalie at her going away party

They joined another couple on their sailboat cruising with Blue Water charters from India to the Mediterranean.  Though they did what the protocol was in those waters, they were captured and later killed by Somalia Pirates.

Linda Landin

Phyllis' Mom

Sharon Chandler

Natalie Danielson

In early April Phyllis' mother and sisters were in town.  Along with Linda Landin, and a couple other friends, we planned a short trip out on Allen and Wendy's sailing yacht, Blue Fin, to spread her ashes on the open waters.  It was very emotional and love poured overboard with her.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Look Up! Natalie is a Tour Guide in Seattle

I am a volunteer tour guide for the Seattle Architecture Foundation leading walking tours in the city.  The "Greatest Hits" tour includes some of the most notable buildings in the city.  On this day I had a small group and we had so much fun on the walking tour!  Here we are on the blue bridge in Seattle City Hall as we enjoy the view of the city, the Smith Tower, the Port of Seattle and Puget Sound.  After this we went up to Mayor McGinn's office to see his reception area and balcony!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring at the Coast

It was a brisk and sunny weekend at the Cottage with Steve Garrett.  We went to the North Head Lighthouse and climbed to the top.