Sunday, October 23, 2011

Discovering ...What is Art?

Often I accompany Jane and Karen on the Seattle First Thursday Art Walk extending from Westlake area to Pioneer Square. Last month, Jane suggested that I enter into the 30DayArtChallenge sponsored byt TK Artists lofts.. and so I did.  I had to complete 30 works of art on 8x10 board canvasses in one month.  I decided to make it a learning experience so I invited friends to my home to have art days during October.  It was such a blast and I sure learned to think... though it is a cliche... outside of the box.  It was an interesting exploration into "what is art?"  Kathleen O'Callahan and her sister Patricia and cousin Pegeen came the first time with Hillary and Dave, Steve Garrett.  Chris Nimick and Boots Swan came the next week.  I was in awe of the artists that came, had fun in conversation with friends, and got to play with color.  
On Thursday, December 1st during the Seattle First Thursday Art Walk all the 100 or so artists will have their 30 canvasses displayed and for sale for $40 each on that one night only.  So, come an join me and check out my canvasses and all the others. I'm guessing it might be one of the biggest art shows in Seattle!  TK Artists lofts is located at the intersection of 3rd and Yesler and Prefontaine... just to the east of the Smith Tower building.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fifth Avenue Theatre with Steve

So I only took a photo of the ceiling this night!  The theatre is one of the most beautiful ornate places I have ever seen!  We saw the play "Saving Aimee."  The singing was absolutely heart throbbing.  The costumes were gorgeous. The story a bit confusing. It was written by Kathie Lee Gifford about the founder of the Foursquare church who was a notable woman.  Steve Garrett and I moved up to the front of the balcony.  We had such a fun time!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Solving the Mystery at Dinner

Who did it?  The Million Dollar Mystery Dinner was a benefit for Discovery House which is transitional housing for women and children.  Sally Langston is good friends with the couple that started the non profit using their own house.  She invited me to the Mystery dinner and Silent Auction.  Jerry Fitts came along with me and we laughed the whole time.  It was very entertaining. They raised an unbelievable amount in those 3 hours! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crazy Blue Men

"What kind of show is it?" I asked.  Kathleen O'Callahan answered that I just had to see it.  Part humor, part craziness, part music.  The Blue Man Group was such a fun show.  From the time the lights dimmed to the huge lighted balls bouncing around the theatre at the end, I was just captivated by the zany three men all covered in blue!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

How did this get into a Museum?

So I spent an hour or so wandering around the Seattle Art Museum.  I am a member.  I always find myself questioning how these objects and paintings become art that is recognized and has value.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Humor Abuse at the Seattle Rep

This was a fantastic play which was basically autobiographical  Lorenzo told the story of growing up with the circus.  His father was a clown.  So along with his very touching story, he also performed many feats that made us laugh.  I think this has the power to be very popular ... the more people see it!  I was awestruck!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Certified to Teach Boating Education... wow!

Every boater in Washington State must have a boater education card to operate a boat.  There are some exceptions and the program is being phased in... but boaters under 40 years old need the card.  I took the Instructor Training to get certified to teach the mandatory education.  I was one of the few women in the room.  In addition, most of those taking the training were in law enforcement.

It's so terrific that I get all the materials to teach the 8 hour course.  I hope that I can find locations and people to take it this spring!  It will be fun and educational!  Do you want to put a class together with me?!

My Coast Captains 50 ton Masters License makes a difference!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

BookFest in Kirkland

The park in Kirkland and the community rooms were full of speakers and booths with independent publishers.  I bought a bag of books and met some fabulous writers.