Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Preview Party for the 30 in 30 Art Show

A small crowd of my friends came to the preview party for the 30 Day Art Challenge.  THOUSANDS of 8x10 canvasses covered the walls and the room dividers.  It was the most interesting art show I have ever attended.  It was exciting to see that my 30 canvasses (many done by my friends) were mixed throughout the room.  It was totally overwhelming.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner at Colin and Terrah's Home

How thankful I am for my loving family!  Colin and Terrah decided to host the Turkey dinner and invite Kyler and I over.  This also meant that we got to hold, talk to and play with little Riley!  Dinner was just yummy... with all the fixings!  The table was set very lovely!  .... and we got a perfect family photo!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Riley Dedication

The pastor and the congregation at Bethany Church in Greenlake welcomed Riley in to the fold during the service on Sunday.  Colin told the story of how Riley got her name... Riley came from Terrah and June is because both Terrah and Colin were both born on June 2nd in 1983.  Riley looked so pretty in her long white dress.  Chris is her "Godfather."  then we all celebrated at their house!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

She played the part of a Dog

Sylvia is a play about a New York couple and their relationship... and the one with their dog.  What was so interesting is that the dog was played by an actress.. I thought... hmmm  maybe that is what the dog is saying when it barks!  I enjoyed the play with Steve Garrett at the Seattle Rep!

Lunch with Pam in Auburn

Pam Driscoll lives way out in Maple Valley and has been really busy this year.  I try to find a time that we can meet up for lunch an catch up.  This day we had a long lunch at a Mexican Restaurant.  I had so much fun chatting with her and it makes me realize it has been too long!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Autumn parades through town in Color

This year we enjoyed many crisp, cool, dry Autumn days.  Today as I walked through the leaves hearing them crunch, I was reminded of my childhood in the Midwest.  Leaves of all colors were like a blanket over the entire town.  We did art projects every year with leaves. People used to burn the leaves and I can remember the scent.  Because it is typically so damp in the Seattle Area, we don't often get these colorful dry days.  I just had to go out on a road trip to take in the sights of the changing season.  I headed up Hwy 2 to Index.  It was a perfect day!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Piano Music that Makes my Heart Sing

Jim Brickman tickles the keyboard in a way that no other pianist I have heard.  Known for his music that is full of love and romance, he also entertained the audience with his stories. Anne Cochran, who's friendship over 30 years, sang with her memorable sweet voice.  It was an evening to remember with Kathleen O'Callahan.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Volunteer Park on a Crisp Fall Day

I had about 90 minutes to spend on Capital Hill while I waited for Sandy Garvin "Sam" to get out of surgery.  I could just sit in the waiting room entertained by television, my iPad, or answering emails, but I chose to get out in the fresh air and see Volunteer Park.  Oh it was such a way to escape from the worry and stress and to revel in the colors on the trees and the plants in the Conservatory.