Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vancouver Visit

It is a thrill to go down to Vancouver to teach real estate classes.  I get to speak in front of a group of agents that usually have not taken classes from me before so I don't have to worry about repeating some of my jokes and stories!  I love staying at McMenamin's Edgefield.  And, on this trip I get to spend time with Terry and Tamara. Terry, President Elect of the local Realtor Association, is always full of ideas, has fun energy, and is connected with so many people in the industry.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snow Geese, Swans and Eagles

It was a spectacular sight... thousands of snow geese out in the fields outside of LaConner... and all of a sudden... they all took flight and sang out! They would move from field to field.  I loved the long necked swans.  As I got out of the car to capture the geese, I looked up and right above me sat this proud eagle!  The sight of the geese, swans and eagle just took my breath away! 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Walking Belltown

Time to write a walking tour of Belltown. Jane, Roberta and I were working with a group that is starting a monthly "open house" for neighborhoods. We got together and walked around the area looking at prospective buildings that we might add on the open house tour.... but also for a walking tour of the area.  The weather was windy and chilly but we laughed and explored as we walked around.  It was so much fun!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Space Needle Photo Challenge


I joined a photography meet-up to challenge myself and learn some new ideas or techniques.  I met up with Jann and we joined a group of 30-50 photographers. Some had cameras so big I couldn't lift them. Others had more lenses than I have credit cards.  Our mission was to take photos of the Seattle Space Needle for one hour. Then, we were to post our best or favorite on the meet-up website.  I was a bit intimidated but I learned from watching some of the other photographers and Jann how to look at this icon I thought I was so familiar with.. in a different way... through my lens.  I took about 60 decent shots .. about one per minute.  The weather was cold and dreary but lent itself well to some fun shots. It was so much fun and I learned to challenge myself more in the coming year as I look through my lens.