Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Early Morning Boating with Colin and Terrah


It was so last minute.. I was staying on my boat for the night. Colin and Terrah sent me a text and asked if I'd like to go out boating with them in Lake Washington! It was quite early... They had taken Riley to daycare and were going to get out on the lake while it was calm and before they had to be at work. It was my first time on the "Honeymooner" and I was so thrilled. I could barely breathe.
We went out to Cozy Cove. Terrah took off the sweats and climbed into the warm (ok.. was it really warm?) lake, grabbed the line and she was off wake boarding!  My job was to raise the flag.  It was so exciting. I have never been on Lake Washington with anyone water skiing or wake boarding!  I could not believe my eyes as she got up and screamed over the wake. She and Colin are quite a team as he followed her instructions with speed and she knew his every move.  My heart was beating so hard on the way back to my boat.  I could hardly get anything done all day because I was still on a high from the morning!I hope I get to go again!  I'd love to have a picnic on their boat someday!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Who Watches Duck Dodge?

Here I am watching duck dodge... Well, I usually have my eyes open!

Electric boats that are rented... They are lots of fun!

Here is the only duck that I could find watching "Duck Dodge."

Check out the rainbow above the lake!

This rainbow was spectacular!

Yes, it is a floating hot tub!

Lake Union just fills with people watching the weekly sailboat race.  But it isn't only sail boaters watching.  There are ducks that are hiding from the activity.  People fill little electric boats that are rented.  Stand up boarders glide across the water.  Kayakers paddle along the perimeter of the lake. There is even a "Hot Tub Boat" that you can rent with 5 of your friends... Yes... it is a floating warm hot tub! And, often there are friends of mine joining me at the end of my dock to watch as the lake fills with color and activity!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let's go Sailing!

Hillary and I planned our little slumber party on the boat.  Kathleen came over and had a great idea that the next day we should go sailing and invite Sam and Don!  We went on one of the charter boats off the waterfront of Seattle.  It was so much fun!  I was, of course, a bit leery of the heeling of the boat but was always just skin to skin to my friends and clung when I needed to. It is probably the last time that Sam will go sailing!
The views of the Seattle skyline were just spectacular.  It's fun to see the buildings from the water that I stand in front of when I give my architectural tours.  I have not made time for practically any tours this year, but seeing the skyline makes me want to start up again!
I loved the feel of the wind on my cheeks, the laughter of my friends, and the memories we created!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let's go see the Kites!

The annual International Kite Festival in Long Beach, Washington is attended by thousands of people from even other continents!  The steady winds, open flat beach and the famous Kite Museum with its marketing keep the festival going and growing every year.  Pam encouraged me to go down there with her for most of the week.  It was so great.. a bit cool sometimes, but the kites were so beautiful! Every time I go I listen for the voice of the announcer, who has had the microphone just about every year for over a decade. I also look for a world famous kiter named Ray Bethel who flies three stunt kites down by the water's edge almost the entire week each year. My memories include the music echoing off the dunes, the smell of the corn roasters and popcorn waft along the beach approach, and the crowds wandering along the beach in bare feet.

We ate at The Depot and I got a photo of Nancy Gorshe and me.  We also went to the 42nd St Cafe!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Chihuly with the Siani's

Dale Chihuly's work always fascinates me. I absolutely love the bright colors in the glasswork from his studio and his paintings. The city created a space for a permanent exhibit of his work. For their last day, Andrea, Sergio, and Amelia went with me to see the exhibit at about 6pm.  The weather was heavenly with clear blue skies which made for outstanding photos in the Chihuly Garden. What a great way to spend my last day with my sister!  I saw more of her this month than I have in years.  I just loved every minute of our visits!