Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let's go see the Kites!

The annual International Kite Festival in Long Beach, Washington is attended by thousands of people from even other continents!  The steady winds, open flat beach and the famous Kite Museum with its marketing keep the festival going and growing every year.  Pam encouraged me to go down there with her for most of the week.  It was so great.. a bit cool sometimes, but the kites were so beautiful! Every time I go I listen for the voice of the announcer, who has had the microphone just about every year for over a decade. I also look for a world famous kiter named Ray Bethel who flies three stunt kites down by the water's edge almost the entire week each year. My memories include the music echoing off the dunes, the smell of the corn roasters and popcorn waft along the beach approach, and the crowds wandering along the beach in bare feet.

We ate at The Depot and I got a photo of Nancy Gorshe and me.  We also went to the 42nd St Cafe!