Saturday, October 6, 2012

Did I Become the Family Historian!?!

I never really thought of myself as the one holding the key to our family history... but it appears that way!  If I knew years ago that I would hold in my possession photos from the Grandparents on both sides, photos, slides and videos from Mom and Dad, and memorabilia from birth records and Navy orders, I would have asked more questions when I was young.  All I have are the photos and notes in the boxes.  Oh, If I could call and get answers, how much easier researching family history would be.  But, like a puzzle .. much of it does come together over time. !

It was so exciting when a box arrived from my first cousin, Casey Colnon Mackie, with photos from my great Uncle and Aunt who I was named after.  Aunt Natalie was beautiful.  I have her wedding photo and a letter she wrote her mom about her wedding.  But, there is more to piece together.  I have to try to identify the people in many of the photos and the approximate dates of photos.  Then I will eventually scan the photos to preserve them.

Though I am not much of a story teller, I do have a talent for scrapbooking, matching photos, learning about the history of the family and sharing the information with my relatives.  I love taking copies of the photos and making some cute artistic photo books, making wood cubes with old photos glued on all sides and varnished, and making online albums.  I hope that I can leave my family with information about their history!