Thursday, November 29, 2012

He doesn't know I'm Watching!

When I was over at Debs today playing and learning about art, this flicker was busy on her deck pecking away at the wood she had hanging. Her bird feeders attract quite a crowd.  But, this flicker was so absolutely gorgeous that I thought I'd just try to see what kind of photo I'd get through the window!  I was so excited when I got home and saw the picture!  Her husband is a photographer, but I think she'd like this shot!
Deb is such a wonderful artist. She really inspires me.  I met her at Bellevue Art and Frame  when she was teaching a class on altered books.  Then I went to her house several weeks in a row and she inspired me to try some different art techniques!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sam's Support Group

Sam has really been struggling this fall.  But, there has been a core group of people that have been there for her consistently.
Rose is her full time weekday live in help.  She has really started to care about Sam. Ben and Rina next door check on her all the time.  Her Mom, Gloria, came to town for a couple weeks.  Capt. Dale comes to visit.
Then there is Karen, who has driven to her house from Newcastle almost every day for three weeks to give her a blood thinner shot.
Don has been there every day he can juggling work, trips to Arizona, and the drive from Tacoma.
Janee has brought over videos and come often.
Kim and Matthew come often and even bring and cook for Sam.
Victoria comes also.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Governor and Global Connections

Her reign as the Governor of this fine State of Washington will soon end in just over a month. I was fortunate to hear her speak at the World Affairs Council annual awards presentation. Diana is a member and invited me to join her as her guest. I learned more about the state from that short talk from Gregoire.  I also discovered some fantastic programs that are building bridges between our state and other countries.  It was a fascinating program.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Steve Winwood concert with Catherine

Catherine invited me to go to the Steve Winwood concert today. It was so much fun.  Most of the audience was our age and were great fans. I was not really familiar with the music but when I heard some oldies I remembered them.  It felt special to have her get the ticket for me!

Women Artists, Art Museum ELLES exhibit

Suzanne and I went to the Seattle Art Museum "Elles" exhibit from Paris.  Women artists were featured but to us it was really a bust... and not in the female anatomy way.  There wasn't really any art that moved us or that was even interesting. In fact, some of the art was almost pornographic. Quite a disappointment. I didn't even renew my membership to the Art Museum. But, WE had a great afternoon!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Swedish Club Pancakes and Dancing

Catherine, Karen and Capt Dale go to the Swedish Club quite often. The view over Lake Union is spectacular. Once a month on Sunday mornings they have a large pancake breakfast complete with music and dancing. It is quite an event!  The pancake breakfast is so yummy it makes me want to drive over again to get more!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Rick Steves Has the World in his Grasp

When I went to Europe with Kyler in 1999 I bought a book at a used book store written by a local guy. I didn't realize he was the "famous" Rick Steves.  Other trips I have consulted his books.  Tonight I got the opportunity to hear him speak.  Wow.. a talk about Europe with the real Rick Steves mixed with his knowledge of art!  It was sooooo interesting!
Prior to that I heard an excellent speaker on traveling in Ireland. I discovered so much about that country. I hope to go one day!
Thanks to Karen who invited me to come along.  She sat in the seats with her Big Bird and got lots of attention.  What was Romney thinking... Get rid of Big Bird.  He didn't gain fans that way!  The election is hot and the ads fill the airways. Go Obama!

Connecting Friends

I introduced William and Tish to connect on a possible real estate deal... and it seems that he owns a house near where she grew up!  We met for dinner with Sarah downtown at Blueacre tonight. It was a fun and lively night! The conversation went from politics, real estate, art and friendships!