Friday, December 25, 2015

Grandkids at Christmas

On the joy of the Christmas season for kids!  I'm sure these kids had piles of gifts under the tree.  I went to spend a long weekend with them the week after the holidays!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Brody Celebrates His First Birthday

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Love being Grammy! October 2, 2015

Colin and Terrah were in town for a wedding and they spent the afternoon with Kyler and me on the boat and at dinner.  Brodie is growing fast.  He's strong and busy but says very little.  Riley, now in pre-kindergarten, is smart and fun.

Visiting my sister, Andrea

I took off for an entire week and flew to Boston to visit with Andrea and her family.  We went on an architectural cruise on the Charles, spent time at the cabin on the island on New Hampshire, went to visit Amelia, Mike and baby Cecilia, and walked around Concord and shopped.  The time went by so quickly!

Judy and Ruby Visit the Northwest

Judy and Ruby came to the Northwest on a college viewing trip... Their first trip out here!  Ruby is considering Western WA University.
The weather was perfect with sun and 75 degrees as we went to see floating homes and Pike Place meeting up with Kyler.  Then off to dinner at Anthony's on Pier 66.  We spent the night on Rophy which brought back memories for both of them as it has been about a dozen years since they were on the boat! 
Tuesday we headed to Fremont to get a look at the Troll, have coffee, and check out Theo's Chocolate and the Dinosaur topiary and then head to the top of the Space Needle!
Off to Bellingham for a campus tour, dinner at Boundary Bay and the drive back to my house along Chuckanut Drive.  
I loved having them visit and which it could have gone on for many more days!  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ladybug House Fundraiser at Salty's April 21

Suzannes passion is Ladybug House a non profit that she started to build a palliative care home for children who are seriously terminally ill with diseases like cancer.  After decades as a nurse at Children's Hospital she saw a need for a place for children and their families to spend their last days, weeks, months.  She had a fundraiser at Salty's on Alki and along with a spectacular view we listen ten to piano music by Victor.  

The Club on Top of the City April 10

Some of the most interesting people can be found at the top of the city!  My friend, Tish, is a commercial real estate broker and Past President of the Columbia Tower Club located at the top of the highest building in the Northwest.  She has invited me to join her at a number of events including a networking breakfast on Friday morning.  Here I met Rachel who is also in real estate and has quite a fun personality.  

Note, it's so funny... A bit hard to see but Rachel photo bombed our pic... There she is peeking out from behind us!

Then we went to an charity auction event the next evening. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Running into friends

One thing I love about Seattle is that it is a big city with a strong economy, culture, and tourism but with a small town feel. I love that I run into people that I know all the time.  It makes me feel at home. 
Yesterday, I was standing in the parking lot of my marina with my friend, Devi, and my daughter texted that she was in the bus that just went by. 

Today, I was walking down the same street and I literally ran into my old friends Steve and Judy.  A few years ago they retired and took off on an adventure to change their lives.  They sailed down the coast to Mexico and then across the ocean to places like Tonga, New Zealand and Fiji.  They are in town for the summer.  I happened to see them as they were coming out of a store on Westlake.  

As I was on my way over to Maureen's floating home, I invited them to come along.  We joined Maureen and her mother along with Diana on the top deck and watched the boats cruise by on the weekly Duck Dodge sailboat race.  It was a beautiful sight.  

I loved hearing about their journey.  I can't imagine sailing for almost a month across the Pacific Ocean heading for a small island.  Judy assured me that with all their equipment that they had no trouble navigating.  She is such an inspiration because she so drastically changed her life to see the world! 

360 Degree View of Seattle July 6

One of the most famous and exciting places to dine in Seattle is at the Sky City Restaurant that rotates at the top of the Space Needle.  I joined Maureen and her mother for a lovely lunch with a spectacular view that as constantly changing.  We rotated twice on a gorgeous summer day.  It was a bit overcast so the sun didn't get in the way of any photos.  

I've been giving walking tours of the architecture so the view gives me a different perspective of the skyline. My daughter, Kyler, is an attorney working in one of the tall city buildings.  My boat is moored just below the needle on Lake Union. The view of the unbelievable construction projects happening south of the lake are quite a sight from above.  I realize how much I do know about the city.  I also realize how much I don't know.  I could see the mp,klpp 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Yankee Doodle

The fireworks over Lake Union are so spectacular with every year topping the next. For some reason, Seattle has been blessed with nice weather.  This weekend the city hit record temperatures with the Mercury soaring over 90 degrees.

The dock becomes one big party by my boat.  I swam, had drinks, least ended to rock music and visits with everyone.  Then it was off to Maureen's floating home.  Diana was with a guy on his sailboat and altering anchoring they came to pick me up in the dingy and we bopped along the west Sid of the lake overpriced the chop from the hundreds of boats maneuvering in place for the show at sunset.  

Maureen has had smaller parties each year because the difficulty parking and there are always people that ask to be included that take space meant for good friends.  I know that drill so therefore I don't have parties on the boat anymore for these kinds of events.  But the view from her house is so incredible as she is located just west of the barge.  We can even hear the music from the speakers at Gas Works Park.  We heard the national Anthem as they practiced during the afternoon...And, also, the song Yankee Doodle....We heard them both too many times!

The evening was lovely.  Diana, Sandy and her hubby Chet and Sharon from the UW, John and his honey, and Maureens mother who is in town with her this week.  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Maureen in Seattle!

IMy good friend Maureen has spent most of the past ten years living in Seattle and Indiana juggling work and her homes. She took a year and traveled around the world for her sabbatical.  Because her mom in Connecticut is aging and her Dad has passed, she has chose to remain more in Indiana maybe until retirement.   Our friendship has been though connections over the Internet and phone lines.  I have missed her!  She came to town with her mother for ten days this month.  It has been a tHrill to reconnect!  

We spent the first day together celebrating at lunch at Palisades Restaurant with a wonderful view over 
Elliott Bay Marina towards Puget Sound, Mt Rainier, and the Olympic Mountains.   

After lunch we were joined by John and his honey, Fred, and Joy and her friend.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Red Raspberry Jam

One of my favorite foods is raspberries.... I often call it a special treat from the Gods! I never picked berries of any kind growing up in the suburbs of Chicago so 
years ago as a special outing I'd take the kids raspberry picking the first week of July.  We ate them up and only made freezer jam once. 
I thought it might be fun to make jam for Riley! 
My friend Eva sure knows her way around the kitchen. She gave me a jar of jam last month which I loved. So I suggested we make raspberry jam last weekend... I could learn to make it. We picked some of her berries and she got a flat of fresh ones. It involves a good right arm for stirring and lots of patience. Our jars are like little treasures. 
Her waterfront home in Warm Beach is on a high bank with a breathtaking view to the west towards Puget Sound, Camano Island and the Olympic mountains. 
She and her husband Tom are such a special couple. I love going to visit. 
I can't wait to get a box of this homemade jam off to my granddaughter Riley in California!  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Front Row Seat for Duck Dodge

There is something peaceful and magical about the sight of sailboats racing around Lake Union. Tuesday nights the Duck Dodge race is held on Lake Union and my dock has a perfect view!  I invited Eva, her hubby Tom, Tish and Julie down to enjoy the warm evening and the sight of all the activity in the lake. This is always a special night for me to just relax. I love when I can share it with friends.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

You are my Inspiration!

There is no other band that can generate music like Chicago!  For over 40 years I have sang and danced to their popular hits!  
Steve invited me to their concert at Ste Michelle Winery along with his brother Randy and wife, Sonja. 
It couldn't be a lovelier evening as we sat in the grass with our picnic drinking wine enjoying the music that we have heard through the most of our lives!  We listened, danced and sang along... from Color my World to You are My Inspiration. I am blessed to spend this special night with them!

This colorful peacock evidently lives at the winery!