Sunday, April 19, 2015

First Gallery Art Show

Karen has been a glass artist for decades.  Annually she has an exhibit and show of her artwork at the glass blowing studio in Ballard.  She invited Jane and I to show our work on that weekend with her.  I captured a photo of Karen, Jane, Kyler and me!

This meant that I had to complete a number of pieces and have business cards printed.  The canvasses had to be ready to hang and I had to be ready to price them and let them go if we had a buyer.  

It did force me out of my little zone and studio and be confident in saying, "I am an Artist."  I so appreciate the friends that came to share this with me.  I got Judith, Catherine and Steve in my lens.  Devi also came by!  When people were not in the gallery I sat out on the sidewalk and painted another wood chair.  It was fun chatting with people walking by.