Saturday, July 4, 2015

Yankee Doodle

The fireworks over Lake Union are so spectacular with every year topping the next. For some reason, Seattle has been blessed with nice weather.  This weekend the city hit record temperatures with the Mercury soaring over 90 degrees.

The dock becomes one big party by my boat.  I swam, had drinks, least ended to rock music and visits with everyone.  Then it was off to Maureen's floating home.  Diana was with a guy on his sailboat and altering anchoring they came to pick me up in the dingy and we bopped along the west Sid of the lake overpriced the chop from the hundreds of boats maneuvering in place for the show at sunset.  

Maureen has had smaller parties each year because the difficulty parking and there are always people that ask to be included that take space meant for good friends.  I know that drill so therefore I don't have parties on the boat anymore for these kinds of events.  But the view from her house is so incredible as she is located just west of the barge.  We can even hear the music from the speakers at Gas Works Park.  We heard the national Anthem as they practiced during the afternoon...And, also, the song Yankee Doodle....We heard them both too many times!

The evening was lovely.  Diana, Sandy and her hubby Chet and Sharon from the UW, John and his honey, and Maureens mother who is in town with her this week.