Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter with cousins

March 27, 2016
When our kids were young Laura and I used to have Easter brunch together.  This year, my kids were on their own and Laura had two of her three at home.  It was fun to get out and see her house in daylight.  Her kids are doing remarkably well.  It was great to just hang and hear their conversations with each other and their mom.  Brunch was delicious!  The goats were entertaining.  Leah and Laura's friend Danielo, didn't make it into the pics.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Kyler Visits Colin and Terrah

March 19, 2016
I have such a warm feeling inside when my kids spend time together!  Kyler flew down to California to see Colin's family.  She only posted a few photos but I treasure every one!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Riley Celebrated 5th Birthday

Thursday, March 10, 2016

High School Friend Reunion

March 10, 2016
Kathy was one of my favorite friends in high school.  She was probably the sweetest and happiest friend I had.  It was a joy to be around her.  We reconnected at our 40th high school reunion a few years ago.  She had a conference for work out here in Seattle so we had a chance to visit several times over the week.  Sometimes with friends, distance and time don't seem to get in the way!

She was with her honey, Bob, who just let us gab on and on!  We had dinner at Anthony's, visited the boat, and took the famous Seattle Underground Tour.  I loved spending time with her!

 Here we are in a photo from high school days.  Kathy is in the middle with the pink shirt over a white shirt.  

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bookies Make Books

It is a great experience sitting around a table with other artists all sharing current work, ideas, and projects.  I work on art by myself at home, but it is quite interesting to be surrounded by other artists.  It can be compared to reading a book alone and putting it on the shelf afterwards, to reading and discussing a book with a club.  I've never had that experience with artists.

When I joined the Artists Connect group in Edmonds, I met two Bookies who did a presentation of their work.  I was just drooling.  They invited me to their club and I have been going monthly.  They started a round robin project where each month we make a piece for another according to a them so that at the end of the year we will have completed a book.  

I come away from the meetings so enthused and excited about new projects.  I get good feedback on the books I bring to share, too!

Jan and John presenting at Artists Connect in Edmonds.  

Their collections of handmade books were fascinating!

This is a photo of some of the handmade books that I have made.  Most of my books include older family photos.

This is a photo of the group from the February meeting.

These are a few books that I shared at the February meeting.

My theme for the Round Robin is Seattle.  This was the first art piece I received that was a creative collage which I love! 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Catching up with Single Boaters

February 22, 2016
For about 20 years I went to the Seattle Singles Yacht Club. For over 6 years I actively participated taking hundreds of members out on my boat.  But, it ran its course as I was tired of being like a tour boat.  Occasionally, I go back to visit some old friends.  It can be fun to catch up.  The winter meetings are rather sparsely attended, but that gives me time to talk.  Saw Brad, Pam, Elaine, Dale, Linda and more!

Monday, January 11, 2016

1986 REALTOR Award and Musings today

I posted a photo of the Presidents Award that I got for my contribution to the Seattle King County Board of Realtors in 1986 from Clem Buckley who was the President.  Yesterday, he called me to chat.  I feel bad because I haven't been good at keeping in touch.  He had such a big impact on my life. I have had dozens and dozens of "likes" and comments on that post.  That was such a big honor.  Its hard to imagine what I was thinking as I walked to the stage to accept it. What an honor.

It is hard to believe that it has been 30 years.  I was pregnant with Kyler and Colin was 3 years old.  My husband who would leave only a few years later, was not contributing to the bottom line so I was working and taking care of the kids.  I survived because I was so in love with my children and I just kept moving.

In a world full of innovation using technology, drones of all sorts will be the kind that will touch all ages, businesses, and locations.  Using wi-fi, cell hones, voice activation, and video we will see all kinds of applications from toys to tools and from play activity to rescue services.

As usual, the government doesn't move with the speed necessary to keep up with technology.  So, the FAA and probably other divisions, are slow to respond on how to regulate and monitor drove use so to protect people.

I know another reason that I do not shop at Walmart.  A woman accused of stealing clothes bit off the finger of a Walmart worker.  Gross.  I can just picture the fight.  It probably is no better than the staged girl fights on stupid teen movies.

There have been over 8000 earthquakes just north of here.  They continue to rattle the earth feel below and are not felt by those that live n that area.  Part of me think that they could become much more serious.  Would it be better that i know that they are shaking so I can be more aware.  Or will they create more fear side me that I do not need.

A fan of mine at work passed away this weekend.  It makes me very sad.  She was a character who was memorable.  Real estate was her life.  She would call me for advice and for her continuing education.  She always laughed when ever I talked to her.  She felt sick and drove to the hospital.  She had a heart attack that she didn't come back from.   She was young.. mid life. She will be missed. one of her last posts on Facebook was a photo of a hamburger at the drive in. She made a comment, "I couldn't help myself." She died 48 hours later.  I have been thinking about her all day.

I've been editing my book, "Marketing without Money," most of the day.  I can't wait til I am done.